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  1. Active for the introduction and popularization of the traditional musical instrument "Tonkori" ...
  2. Modern Ainu pattern embroidery and food ...
  3. Iku pasuy (a ritual tool for offering sake) Provided by: The Foundation ...
  4. Dance Akan / Biratori Edition Provided by: Public Interest Incorporated Foundation A ...

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  1. Hakodate City Museum of Northern Peoples
  2. Yakumo Town Museum
  3. Otaru Museum (canal building)
  4. Hokkaido Museum

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  2. Hokkaido Tourism Promotion Organization "AINU GUIDE PORTAL"
  3. Akan Yukar "Utasa Festival"
  4. GoodDay Hokkaido "Northern History Story-Ainu Culture-"

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A tradition inherited by the Ainu culture.When I visited various parts of Hokkaido that continued to protect the technology and heart, I could see new scenery of the area.Around the Ainu culture and the places related to it ...